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Dear members of the Korean Society of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Society,

Hello? I'm Sung Su Yun from Yeungnam Medical School, who is appointed as the 17th President.

I would like to express my infinite respect and appreciation to our seniors who worked hard on introduction, development, distribution and education of early endoscopic & laparoscopic surgery, and for the leadership and dedication of our previous presidents and directors who led our society, founded in 1996, to be at the center of the world in minimally invasive surgery field.

The introduction of endoscopic & laparoscopic surgery in the 1900s was a monumental change in the paradigm of surgical surgery. Our new challenges, along with developed equipment, have enabled a number of surgeries that we thought would be impossible in the early days. However, there are still more things to be accomplished. What patients really want are safe surgery with no pain and no surgical wounds. The role of our society is to educate members with an insight and to encourage and support the introduction of new technologies.

I will help newly appointed director, Seokhwan Lee and the chairman of each subcommittee to suggest and work on some of the following to inherit and develop the things that our previous presidents have done.

First, I will strive to establish an organizational culture that challenges and innovates. I will also strive to establish a culture and create an environment where many members can challenge the development of new medical technologies and instruments such as robotic surgery, remote surgery and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) in line with the 4th industrial revolution. Second, I will try to normalize the unrealistic surgery charge. The fact that the cost of materials and instrument used in surgery is higher than surgery charge is hard for all of us to accept. Third, through stabilization of the "Laparoscopic surgery specialist certification system" and the quality management program, I will strive to ensure the internal stability of our society and link with the surgery charge. Last, I will do my best to make it a fun and helpful society.

Dear members!
We feel proud to see satisfied patients after the surgery. I will do my best to make more people to do more surgery easily at our society. Please give a lot of attention, participation and advice for our development.

I support the members who are silently treating patients despite difficult conditions.

The Korean Society of Endoscopic and laparoscopic Surgeons
President, Sung Su Yun

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